My beautiful blessings!

My beautiful blessings!

Friday, October 11, 2013

When dad is away we play...or get sick!


Keegan and some work buddies decided to do a hunting trip up to Elko. This was Keegans first year ever going hunting and to say he was excited would be a serious understatement! He was like a little kid at Christmas! Bought himself a new gun and a new scope to go with it! I'm not sure who was drewling over the gun more, Rome or Keegan haha.

     I had all this fun stuff planned for Rome and I to do while daddy was away but poor Rome was sick the entire week Keegan was gone. Pretty much all we did was sit in the chair infront of the tv and snuggle and watch cartoons! One day he went to bed at 12pm, because he took a late nap, but didn't wake up till 1pm the next day! I kept going and checking in on him to make sure he was still alive! It wasn't as bad as I thought having Keegan gone for 5 days straight but I was definiantly ready and excited to have him home. I'm not the type of personality to sit around inside all day long, I start to go crazy. It was getting a bit depressing not being able to workout and get some me time. I was glad Keegan got some time camping with the boys though, he works so hard for our family and he really deserved some fun time to himself!

     I little advice for all you men who enjoy going hunting every year and appreciate your wives being good sports about it. When you call home and your wife tell's you she can't wait for you to be home cuz she is sooo ready for some "me time". Don't say to her, I repeat DON'T SAY to her, "You do get me time for 2 hours every day while Rome takes a nap". Oh honey, haha not the smartest thing you have ever said. I still love you and realize sometimes you don't think before you speak.  For the record, I do have to say that my husband is pretty awesome at letting me have time to myself! I can't complain to much he is a dang good husband and father.

Anyways, by the time Keegan got home on Saturday Rome started to feel better and get back to his old self again! Rome was so happy to see daddy and to see the four wheelers back in our garage, and so was I! The weather has been perfect this week and we are LOVING it!!! We have been riding four wheelers pretty much every day in the desert behind our house. Can I just say that I would much rather have a smaller home on a big peice of land in the middle of nowhere than a mansion in a big city any day! There are some farm houses on huge lots near us and I just love to ride by at look at them and dream about living in one of them one day! Well, minus the farm! The only animal I would really want is a dog.
Rome and I out on a ride! Love these mountains! 
 When Keegan pulled up with all the four wheelers on the trailor Rome had to sit on each one and try em out! This kid could seriously go riding all day and not get sick of it.
Such a cheeser!  
Every Tuesday morning after story time at the library we go pick out a new set of books to read before bed! This was our favorite book this week! It was so cute!!  Such a fun book for boys!

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