My beautiful blessings!

My beautiful blessings!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Rome moments 2yrs old

There are so many things I wished I had written down about Rome! I thought I would start trying to be better about writing down cute, funny things Rome does and says for now on.
Oh and don't mind the spelling and grammar errors I just typed this up real fast
Here are a few things about sweet Rome
Of course he loves his mama! I love when he says I hold you mommy. I love how affectionate and cuddly Rome is. Every day he will just come up to me and hug me and say I love you mommy. One of our things just between us is we give each other butterfly kisses(blinking our eyelashes together) and eskimo kisses(rubbing noses together). I love the bond we share and never want it to change
 Adores and looks up to daddy! Daddy is definitly the fun one and I love to watch these two play together. He loves to go on truck rides with daddy, play super heros, and wrestle. Rome always says how he misses daddy while he's at work and we have to call him and talk to him for a bit. He always talks about daddy and his cop car and how it goes whoo whoo!
Rome's best friends are Camden Gullickson and Jackson Reese

Whenever we want Rome to smile for a picture we would say Rome show us your happy face and he would till his head like this and smile. Melts my heart !!


All better mama                            
Was having a sad day and finally broke into tears. My sweet Rome looked at me and said oh no mama sick!?!? He runs out of the room and comes back with a tissue and hands it to me. As I'm wiping my tears he says all better mama. Let him stay up a bit later tonight just so we could snuggle, laugh and play longer hehe. What a handsome and tender hearted boy I have! So grateful to be his mama, what a special gift it is!

I'll use my super powers
Rome and mommy were downstairs playing with his wood train set he got from grandma one day and the train wasnt connecting together right.
Rome: I need more tracks, where's more tracks mommy
Mommy: That's all we have honey
Rome: I got an idea! I'll use my super powers. He spins around in a circle and says doo doo doo doo! When he's done spinning he stops and says, oh no, it didn't work, no more tracks.

Car bucket
Rome: Where's my car bucket
Mommy: I don't know loves
Rome" I know I'll call for it ooo ooo oo (in a high pitched voice)

Flushed to my boat
Mommy: you went poo
Rome: Ya I did it! (Points in the toilet after its flushed) It went down drain to that big water, to the water to my boat!

Snake Poo                        
I sit Rome on the potty and leave to give him privacy when he needs to go potty. When he is done going poo he tells me he is all done so I can help wipe. One day he tells me, "all done mama" so I go to grab toilet paper from my bathroom (I don't leave any in his because he fill the tiolet up and I have to scoop it out, yuck) and when I'm on my way back I hear him yelling, what you doing snake, no snake! When I open his bathroom door I find him standing by the toilet pointing in at his poo bahahaha I started laughing so hard. I asked him, is there snake poo in there, he says, ya! When I flushed he says, bye bye snakes.

Im just a lil boy
I (mommy) was swimming with Rome and we were sitting on the steps just as you get in one day and were playing. Rome grabed my legs and says Im gonna get your leg mommy. So, I started to tickle his tummy with my toes saying, Im gonna get you Romeo. He goes, no mommy dont get my Im just a kid haha. It was the funniest thing. So later on he started to try to wrestle me and I say to him, no rome don't get me Im just a kid. He says, no mommy your not a kid your a mommy.
Obsessed with four wheelers
He loves babies and is totally sweet with them. He always tries to tickle there bellies and tells them there cute hehe 
Loves to play in the rain! 
Some more fun facts
Loves to dance and has since he could walk. We have so many videos of him dancing!
Favorite shows right now are caillou and magic school bus
Loves super heros and pretending to be one
Loves his fruits and veggies
Can sing the alphabet song and knows most of his letters and there sounds
Can count to 10 by himself
Loves to be outside

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Birth story!!!

May Friday the 13th 2011
 6:30 am I wake up to the sound of my alarm telling me it's time to wake up for work. As I roll over to turn it off I feel like this popping and then I'm drenched. Oh my gosh, I quickly jumped out of bed. I stand there a minute trying to figure out if that was my water breaking (I had no idea what this felt like, this was my first time haha). I started shacking the bed to wake up Keegan who is fast asleep. It takes me a few minutes to wake him up, he was out from getting home work only a few hours earlier. Finally, I am able to wake him. I tell him ummm, I think my water just broke. What, are you sure?? I'm pretty sure, I say! Maybe you just peed the bed, he said lol. No, Keegan I'm pretty positive that was my water breaking, get up we need to go to the hospital. While we were getting ready to go he kept asking me if I was sure and if I was even feeling contractions(What was weird was at that point I wasn't feeling any and I thought I would be by now).

It probably took us an hour to leave the house. We took our time because I was feeling so good and was second guessing whether or not my water really broke. We decided it was better to be safe and go to the hospital. On the way there I finally started to feel really light contractions, which made me excited, Keegan not so much! I could tell that he was really starting to get nervous, he kept asking if I was sure over and over again. When we got to the hospital they confirmed that my water did indead break and I was 4 centimeters dialated and 100 percent efaced (which I had been for 2 weeks). After lots and lots of questions I was ready for my epideral. Keegan was so stinkin nervous the whole time, he was pacing and asking me and the nurse so many questions and talking like crazy. I could tell the nurse was starting to get a little irratated with him haha! It took them a while to have a room open for me so I had been in this back room for a bit. Once they got us into our room Keegan went and got something to eat while I played on my phone while I waited for our little man to arrive. I was feeling pretty darn good at this point, only a little bit of pressure! The nurse eventually started me on petossin because my contractions weren't consistant or something like that lol. Once Keegan got back from eating the pressure started to get worse and I was 7 centimeters dialated by then. The nurse told me to sit tight because usually the first time labor goes really slow so it would be a while. After like 30 or 40 min the pressure would come and go and I kept telling Keegan that it felt like Rome was ready to come out. I didn't want to bother the nurse but Keegan insisted it was better to have her check to much than wait to long. We buzzed the nurse and told her we felt like it was time. She said she didn't think so but she would check. Oh my goodness, she says, your right. You are at a 10, this baby is ready to come!! She had me do one test push and as I started to push, she said oh oh ok don't push haha let me call the Dr.

When the dr. got there they prepped and got me in position to push. The dr. and nurses were surprised at how well I could move my legs by myself ( usually with an epidural women are so numb they cant lift there legs by themselves I guess). Keegan was so nervous the whole time I was pushing. He literally had is face in the corner and was glancing over his shoulder saying, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, good job Aubrey. We were all laughing at him the whole time. To see this big bad Police officer that works in the guetto of las vegas dealing with rapists and murderers all day in the corner freaking out while I'm doing all the work was pretty hilarious. I pushed 3 times and "pop" out he came.  The EASIEST labor ever, I am one lucky girl!! It was kinda of funny, before giving Rome to me the Dr asked if I wanted to cut the ambilical cord haha I was in a hurry to hold him so I said she could just do it.  As the nurse handed him to me she said now mama don't be alarmed he just has a little facial bruising, poor lil man!! He was still beautiful and absolutely perfect. I think every mother would agree that there is no better moment then when they lay that little angel on your chest and you meet for the first time.

 When the nurse was cleaning off Rome she asked Keegan to come over and look at him.  Do you believe in love at first site?? I do, because I saw it happen. As soon as Keegan saw Rome his whole face changed!! He started laughing and letting Rome suck on his finger. He kept saying, Aubrey you have to see him, look what he's doing, look at him, he's so tiny. I was so jealous, I'm laying over here getting stiched up ( I tore bla he came so fast) and he's over there loving on our baby. I wanted to love on that little man!! As soon as he was all weighed and cleaned up I got him back and got to try to nurse him. He was such a champ and latched right on. I have never loved someone that much in my life. He was perfect and most importantly healthy. I was so happy to finally meet him and have him in my arms. There is nothing more precious than holding a newborn baby in your arms, especially when it's your own. This was by far, one of the best moments of my life. My greatest blessing and a moment I will cherish for the rest of my life. I love you Rome Keegan Doty!!

Rome Keegan Doty
Born May, Friday the 13th 2011
at 4:23 pm
Weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces and 19 inches long


I love you for forever
I like you for always
As long as I'm living
My baby you'll be