My beautiful blessings!

My beautiful blessings!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mickey Mouse clubhouse Party!

          For Rome's 2nd birthday this year we decided to do a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme! I was gonna keep it small and simple, and of course I didn't. I can't help myself! I LOVE planning and throwing parties, expecially for my lil guy. Here are some of the fun things we did for his party. Some of my ideas worked out and well, as you will see, some didn't! Enjoy!!

These were the invites I made out of cardstock. Super Easy to make, I just traced a small plate for the head and a cup for the ears!
This is an easy game for younger kids. I traced and cut a mickey head out of a cardboard box then spray painted it black. I poked little holes and stuck the suckers through. I colored three of the sucker sticks black. The game is whoever picks the suckers with a black stick wins a prize!

This was a bean bag toss game and so fun for kids of all different ages! My hubby cut and
spray painted it out of wood! I bought the bean bags at party city!
And of course every party needs a piniata, right!!!
Food and decorations
Party favors and plates bought at Walmart

I bought these cute mickey bowls at Target!

Juice boxes! Covered them with cardstock and white buttons.
Things that didn't turn out so well......

We made this for decoration and a picture prop! And I think it turned out so cute but we ended up not getting a picture of him with it somewhere. By the time the party was over my 2yr old was tired, cranky and uncoperative. Next time we will get it the day before or when he's well rested and happy!

We ran out of balloons and helium and time. I think this would have been really cute if the ears had a few more balloons to make them bigger.

Overall it was a success! Rome loved playing with all the kids and seeing all his cousins and grandparents!

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