My beautiful blessings!

My beautiful blessings!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin Patch!

This is probably the best time I have had at a pumpkin patch in a long time. Probably because Rome was being so stinkin cute and having so much fun. As soon as he saw the pumpkin patch he was pointing and saying "Pumpkins please, I go pumpkins". I absolutely love this age it's so much fun. I love to hear all the new things he says and comes up with each day. We didn't get a good pic of the 3 of us but we still got some really cute one's.  
I'm not smiling good in this one but I promise I was having fun!!
I'm super baby hungry and it's pretty much on my mind all the time and everything makes me think of babies. I think my husband is beyond annoyed of hearing me whine about how long it's taking to get pregnant, how everyone is getting prego,  and having to deal with all my emotions and sad days. I've been trying to keep busy and focus on Rome so I don't get back in that dark hole I was in a few months ago. I'm not quite ready to write about it and I'm not the best and expressing my feelings. I had a few months after the miscarriage that I really, really struggled and it was Rome and my hubby that kept me going. I had to decide that sitting around being angry and sad over something I had no control over was not the right way to live and Rome deserved a mother who was happy and enjoyed life. Rome is only little once and I didn't want to look back and regret all the time I missed because I was to busy focusing on what I wanted and didn't have.
Even though I'm much happier and positive these days I still can't help but have little things everyday remind me of my desire to have more children. Like at the pumkin patch, watching siblings play and laugh and run around together. In creeps that ache in my heart. I feel bad that Rome doesn't have anyone to play with every day but us. Some of my fondest memories are playing with my siblings. I don't want him to miss out on that.  Then I look at him sliding down the slide with a big cheesy smile on his face, not a care in the world, just there in the moment having fun. Suddenly, that ache is filled with love and gratitide for the visible blessings I have right in front of me sliding down a blow up slide. I'm greatful that he's still young enough and still loves playing with his mommy and daddy. 

Climbed up all by himself. Why do they grow up so fast :(


This kid is still in love with choo choo's. He kept shaking the fence and was getting so excited!

Rome was being so cute with the animals. He was loving being able to pet and talk to them up close.
He picked out this pumkin all by himself. Such a big boy
It was so nice to get to spend the enitire day with just our little family. Keegan had been gone hunting the past two weeks and I was recovering so we didn't get out much, so it was nice to get out and have some fun.  At the end of the day I can't help but count my blessings and realize that I do have such an amazing life and there is so much to be greatful for.

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