My beautiful blessings!

My beautiful blessings!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Polar Express Christmas!

This year my mom started a new tradition of having all us kids from both our side and her hubbies side get together for an early Christmas the Friday and Saturday before Christmas. Keegan and I drove up friday afternoon and arrived in st george at my mom's around 5 pm, just a little before dinner. While we waited for dinner we rode the train that they made for the kids. Of course Rome was in heaven because he has been obsessed with trains ever since he saw Grandpa Stratton's train in his tree last year.

After playing on the train it was time for dinner which was one of my childhood favorites, senora chicken and it was delicious as always. After dinner the kids played a bit then all the kids opened up there christmas pj's from grams and gramps then we listened to one of my all time favorite books I grew up listening to every year, the polar express! The kids all sat and listened pretty well I was impressed. After that we drank hot chocolate and watched the polor express movie then went to bed.

Watching polar express
Saturday morning we all got up, ate breakfast then sat in a circle to get ready to start opening presents. Before we opened presents my mom got out the nativity puppets from when we were kids and let the kiddos help tell the story about the birth of Jesus Christ!
Helping tell the Nativity story with puppets
Rome got to be Joseph

My handsome man all ready to see Frozen
After the movie (which was so adorable by the way) we went back to my mom's and ate pizza then packed up and headed back home to vegas. Keegan and I both enjoyed this get together so much. It was so fun for me to see Rome enjoying some of the things I grew up doing during Christmas. Keegan had never done anything like that for Christmas before so he really enjoyed it too. Thanks mom and Jan for organizing all of that, we really enjoyed it. You guys did a great job!

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