My beautiful blessings!

My beautiful blessings!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Logandale and fair trip!!

Love this little family of mine
I was looking forward to my 4 day trip to my hometown for weeks. Keegan, Rome and I drove to logandale Thursday afternoon and spent most of the day at the fair with my sister, cousin Jandro and our friends the Reese's.. When we first got there we decided to do all the indoor stuff cuz man oh man it was hot.  First thing we did was go see the animals and Rome loved it. I think the pigs were his favorite because we had to stand and look at them the longest. Anyone else who goes to the fair feel bad for the mama pig!?!? I swear every time I go all those little piglets are just going to town nursing away lol. I don't think I have ever been and not seen them nursing and she's just laying there all miserable like haha. Poor mama just needs a break. 
After the animals we went and rode the horses and Rome was in heaven. He could have rode that horse all day and I could have watched him all day, he looked so darn cute. Once it had cooled down a bit we decided to take the kids to the carnival to ride some rides. Poor Jandro was still not tall enough this year to ride any of the rides so my sister decided to take him home for a nap and so she could nurse baby Jacob more comfortably and meet up with us later. Rome and his friend Jackson had fun on the rides and they were so cute to watch. When we were done we met back up with my sis, spent way to much time in the hunting tent, walked around and ate way to much fair food. That night Keegan went back to Vegas cuz he had to work and Rome and I stayed with my sis.

Friday I got up and went for a run to my highschool and back. It was dang hot and I got a lot of strange looks by people driving by like, "why are you running in this heat". Some of us love to run and love the heat ;) We went to the fair for a few hours but I just really wasn't that into it. One day of the fair is more than enough for me. Later that night we left the kids with Javi's (my sister's hubby) mom and went to the Lonestar concert at the fair. I love Lonestar and grew up listening to them so I was super excited to go. It was a great concert except the music was so loud it was hard to hear them sing. Other than that we all enjoyed it.

Saturday is a crazy busy miserable day at the fair so we decided to stay home.  We all slept in even the kids, which was glorious. Around 11 Rome was still sleeping so I decided to go on another run. This time I ran to my old highschool and around it then back.  It was scorching HOT, and like the day before, I got a lot of looks haha. One of the fair workers that was directing traffic told me I was crazy and he had no idea why anybody would want to run in this heat. On the way back I had someone ask if I wanted a ride and when I told him I was running for exercise he looked at me like I had lost my mind. Hey, I grew up running in this heat. When I got home I finally ate breakfast and we let the boys watch cartoons for a bit. Then we went in the backyard and let the kids play. It's so fun to watch the our kids grow up together. I loved watching them play and laugh like brothers and then fight like brothers.  That night we went to our towns one and only grocery store and bought food for the luncheon my sis was having before Jacob's blessing. We prepared lots of food and like we usually do when we get together, stayed up wayyy to late. Love me some sister time.

Sunday, Keegan and the rest of our family came into town for Jacob's blessing. It was so nice to see my sister Jessica and her family. I'd been missing them terribly. I hate that we don't all live closer. 1 or 2 hours is to far for me. I seriously could live right next door to both my sister's and be one happy girl. Don't know how people live super far from there siblings and only see them once a year. I go a few months without seeing them and miss them like crazy.   
Loved seeing the 3 amigos reunited
Spent Sunday afternoon at the fair with all the cousins before heading back to Vegas!


  1. Super cute Aubs! I love hearing about your fun adventures!